WISI Video Streaming and Delivery

WISI Video Streaming and Delivery

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WISI’s Chameleon, Tangram, and Inca platforms support various features for video streaming and delivery. The Chameleon and Tangram platforms can be used to receive off-air sources and deliver them to multiscreen devices, while the Inca platform is suitable for delivering high-quality MPEG-4 IPTV video content. Additionally, these platforms support low-latency video streaming with SRT, allowing for secure and reliable transmission over the internet. Therefore, these WISI products can be utilized for the development of your very own streaming service, offering features such as secure live video delivery and efficient IP streaming licenses.

Revolutionize Streaming with WISI’s Chameleon Platform: Delivering Off-Air Sources to Multiscreen Devices!

Unlock the potential of Chameleon for seamless and high-quality off-air source streaming to multiple screens, offering an unparalleled viewing experience.

Tangram Unleashed: Your Gateway to Multiscreen Video Delivery with WISI’s Cutting-Edge Platform!

Explore the power of Tangram for receiving and delivering off-air sources, ensuring your content reaches diverse devices flawlessly.

Inca Platform by WISI: Elevating IPTV with High-Quality MPEG-4 Video Content!

Discover the Inca platform’s capabilities in delivering top-notch MPEG-4 IPTV video content, providing viewers with an immersive and crystal-clear streaming experience.

WISI’s Chameleon: A Game-Changer in Low-Latency Video Streaming with SRT Technology!

Experience secure and reliable video transmission over the internet as Chameleon integrates seamlessly with SRT for low-latency streaming, setting new standards in streaming technology.

Tangram’s Multiscreen Marvel: Effortless Off-Air Source Delivery for Dynamic Viewing!

Unlock Tangram’s potential to effortlessly receive off-air sources and distribute content to multiscreen devices, ensuring dynamic and engaging viewing across various platforms.

Inca Platform: Your Gateway to Effortless MPEG-4 IPTV Streaming Excellence!

Step into the world of Inca and witness unparalleled excellence in delivering MPEG-4 IPTV video content, setting the stage for a superior streaming experience.

WISI’s Chameleon: Secure Live Video Delivery for Your Streaming Service Success!

Build your streaming service with confidence, leveraging Chameleon’s secure live video delivery capabilities, ensuring your audience receives content with the utmost reliability.

Next-Level Streaming Licenses: WISI’s Chameleon, Tangram, and Inca Platforms for Efficient IP Streaming!
Explore the efficiency of IP streaming licenses across WISI’s Chameleon, Tangram, and Inca platforms, paving the way for the development of your bespoke streaming service.
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Post Created date : January 10, 2024