Unraveling the Future of TV Distribution:
CHAMELEON, Tangram, or Optopus

Chameleon Software-Based Headend Platform


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In the realm of TV distribution solutions, three powerful contenders emerge: CHAMELEON, Tangram, and Optopus. Choosing the right platform for your needs is a crucial decision. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed choice.

CHAMELEON: Transforming TV Distribution for Tomorrow

Discover why CHAMELEON stands as a top choice for those seeking a software-based headend platform. Explore its adaptability, particularly during the transition from analog to digital, and why it’s a future-ready solution.

Tangram: The Ideal Choice for High-Density Digital TV Headends

Tangram takes the stage when high-density digital TV headends are required, especially for edge network deployments and comprehensive IPTV solutions. Learn why it’s the go-to platform for these scenarios.


Optopus: Unveiling High-Density Optical Solutions

Optopus shines in FTTx and HFC environments, where space efficiency, reduced operational costs, and modular flexibility are paramount. Delve into the capabilities that make Optopus a strategic choice for optical solutions.

Guidance through the Decision-Making Process

Use our Project Plan System Design Quotation Request (SDQR) and select the Headend Solutions option. Provide us with insights into your project, and our Hypex tech experts will assist you in determining the optimum solution. If you need a network design, be sure to share this information before submitting your contact details.


Choosing the right TV distribution platform is pivotal. Let Hypex be your guide to a future-ready, tailored solution.