Shielding Your TV Distribution from Cyber Threats:
The Power of Cat 5/6 with Baluns!

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TV Distribution from Cyber Threats

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In today’s digital age, cyber threats loom large, targeting everything from personal devices to large-scale infrastructures. Hotels are particular targets and according to the Financial Times “the third most targeted for cyber attacks” as seen from:

Europe’s Leading Hotel Operator Motel One Group with a network of 90+
hotels and 25,000 rooms.

MGM Resort hotels and casinos operating Aria, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan and
Excalibur on the Las Vegas strip.

London Ritz hotel diners

InterContinental Hotels Group (ICH) hack impacting 4,000 guests

But what if there was a way to ensure your hotel TV distribution remains
untouched by digital predators? The TV may well be a lifeline to notify
customers of any issues especially if wi-fi connected personal devices are

Enter the world of Cat 5/6 with baluns, a method that might just be the
superhero your TV distribution needs. Let’s look at this in more detail.

The Unseen Fortress – Benefits of Using Cat 5/6 with Baluns

Isolation from External Threats
Imagine a fortress with impenetrable walls. That’s what you get when your
system is not connected to the internet. No more sleepless nights worrying
about DDoS attacks or malware infections.

Reduced Attack Surface
Fewer doors mean fewer entry points for unwanted guests. Without internet
connectivity, malicious actors have a tough time finding a way in.

Physical Layer Transmission
Keeping attackers at bay is all about keeping things simple and efficient. With
baluns, your hotel TV signal flows smoothly over Cat 5/6 cables, ensuring
uninterrupted entertainment with potential to issue warnings.

Consistent Performance
Say goodbye to buffering, dropouts and TV downtimes. Your customers enjoy a seamless viewing experience even the your hotel is under attack or threat of an attack!

Simplicity and Reliability
Less is more. A straightforward system means fewer things can go wrong, ensuring reliability.

Unlike other forms of insurance or technological solutions you actually save money. No need for complex IP-based systems or expensive cybersecurity measures. The bad actors know they can attack an IP network and gain access to valuable customer  information.

Control and Privacy
An added or rather unintended bonus is your customers keep viewing habits private and enjoy complete control over content.

Reduced Maintenance
Spend less time on updates and patches, and your guests enjoy more time enjoying their favourite shows.

Protection Against Cascading Failures
One domino won’t knock down the rest. Stay protected from failures that can ripple through interconnected complex systems.

Legacy Compatibility
Modernise without overhauling. A perfect solution for those looking to upgrade
cyber protection without starting from scratch.

Zero Bandwidth
Unlike IPTV or software applications RF baluns don’t consume bandwidth, they operate within specific frequency ranges, and their performance can influence the quality and integrity of the transmitted signal


In a world where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, taking a step back and relying on tried-and-true methods as proposed (Cat 5/6 cabling with baluns) offers peace of mind and robust protection.

The next time you ponder the fate of your IP/IPTV network and connected TVs, consider designing your TV distribution with baluns. Indeed, you can teach an old dog some modern tricks!