Say Goodbye to Frays with Scissors!" Techflex FLEXO CLEAN CUT

Say Goodbye to Frays with Scissors!" Techflex FLEXO CLEAN CUT

WISI's Streaming Revolution: Business Model Unveiled

Low-Latency Excellence with SRT Support

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Cost-Effective Alternatives: Replacing Satellite Distribution

Wisi | Next-Gen Streaming Video Technologies

HLS video streaming

Scissor Cut for Easy, Fray Resistant Installation in Production or Field. at Hypex we often have this requierment for our own projects sound and video. This is especially important when we do not have a hot knife available.

Revolutionize Cable Management with FLEXO TIDY TUBE: The Ultimate Solution for Organized Wires!

Say goodbye to tangled wires! FLEXO TIDY TUBE offers a revolutionary solution for cable management, keeping your wires organized and neat. Perfect for home, office, or studio, this flexible tubing ensures hassle-free installation and maintenance.

Unleash Innovation with FLEXO WRAP (FW): The Versatile Solution for Bundling Wires!

Flexibility meets efficiency with FLEXO WRAP (FW)! Whether you’re managing wires in your home theater system or organizing cables in a commercial setting, FW offers a versatile solution for bundling wires of any size. With its color-matched hook and loop closure, installation is a breeze, ensuring a clean and professional finish every time.

Elevate Your Audio Experience with FLEXO F6 Quiet: Silence the Noise, Amplify the Sound!

Enjoy pristine sound quality with FLEXO F6 Quiet! Engineered to minimize noise interference, F6 Quiet ensures an immersive audio experience like never before. Say goodbye to unwanted vibrations and hello to crystal-clear sound with this innovative braided sleeving.

Discover the Future of Wire Harness Protection with FLEXO F6 Nomex (F6X): Built to Withstand the Toughest Environments!

Protect your wires with confidence using FLEXO F6 Nomex (F6X)! Designed for the aviation industry, F6X offers unmatched durability and flame retardancy, ensuring reliable performance even in the harshest environments. Elevate your wire harness protection to new heights with F6X.

Simplify Installation with FLEXO GripWrap: Effortless Cable Management for Any Project!

Streamline your installation process with FLEXO GripWrap! Whether you’re a professional installer or a DIY enthusiast, GripWrap offers a simple and effective solution for managing cables. With its unique hook sealing system, installation is a breeze, saving you time and effort.

Upgrade Your Workspace with FLEXO reMix: Where Aesthetics Meets Functionality!

Elevate the look and feel of your workspace with FLEXO reMix! This innovative braided sleeving combines stunning visual effects with unparalleled protection, ensuring both style and functionality. Transform your cables into works of art with reMix.

Experience Precision with FLEXO Thin: The Ultimate Wire Management Solution for Precision Applications!

Precision meets performance with FLEXO Thin! Crafted from ultra-fine Nylon monofilament fibers, Thin offers a lightweight yet robust solution for wire management in precision applications. Whether you’re in the IoT industry or electronics manufacturing, Thin delivers unmatched versatility and durability.

Upgrade Your Studio Setup with FLEXO F6 Install Tool: Effortless Cable Management at Your Fingertips!

Simplify your studio setup with the FLEXO F6 Install Tool! Designed for seamless cable management, this essential tool ensures perfect sleeving with every application. Say goodbye to tedious installations and hello to efficiency with the F6 Install Tool.

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