Revolutionizing Hospitality with Pro: Idiom for Hypex Partners and Installers

Revolutionizing Hospitality with Pro: Idiom for Hypex Partners and Installers

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Pro:Idiom is helping transform the landscape of hospitality entertainment. As a Hypex partner or installer, you are at the forefront of delivering immersive entertainment experiences not just within hotel rooms but across entire properties, including gyms, lounges, swimming pools and other touch points demanding immersive experiences. Pro:Idiom technology is not just a feature on your headend platform (e.g. Wisi Chameleon) but a key differentiator in the competitive hospitality market through:

Comprehensive and Expanding Entertainment Solutions

Pro:Idiom extends beyond traditional in-room entertainment. As installers and partners, you have the power to offer hotels an integrated entertainment system that follows guests wherever they go on campus including the gym.

Safeguarding High-Value Content

Pro:Idiom technology ensures premium content such as movies and sports events are securely delivered and protected against piracy, a significant value proposition for your hotel clients. Encryption capabilities mean you can assure clients of a secure transmission of content across the hotel. This level of security is crucial for hotels to maintain compliance and protect investments in high-quality content. Your role in implementing these systems ensures hotels treat you as a “trusted” professional while helping hotel owners adhere to copyright regulations while elevating their guest experience with access to valuable content.

Seamless System Integration

As a Hypex partner, integrating Pro:Idiom into the hotel environment using systems like WISI “Chameleon” enhances your offering. This compatibility ensures a seamless, hassle-free experience for hoteliers and their guests.


Beyond the Guest Room

With Pro:Idiom enabled through the CHAMELEON system SW option GNPISCR8, your installation extends the realm of guest entertainment. This feature allows for the encryption of content delivered to any part of the hotel, facilitating a consistent and immersive guest experience without the need for additional equipment.

As Hypex partners and installers, embracing Pro:Idiom technology positions you at the cutting edge of the hospitality industry. You no longer just install TVs but are creating an interconnected entertainment ecosystem captivating hotel guests throughout their stay. Pro:Idiom is more than a product but a holistic entertainment solution, enhancing your portfolio and offering a significant edge in the hospitality market. Welcome to the future of hotel entertainment, where your expertise and Pro:Idiom technology combine to create unforgettable guest experiences. Get ready to lead the change with Pro:Idiom, WISI and Hypex.

‘Wedding Time’ on TV becomes a window for guests to immerse themselves in pre-wedding preparations like children’s dance rehearsals to the momentous arrival of the bride and groom. This narrative extends beyond the hotel premises, reaching the hearts of those near and far through a dedicated streaming channel. Display signage within the venue ensures guests remain abreast of activities even when arriving late so no moment is lost in time.

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Post Created date : November 22, 2023