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Why Rip and Replace?

Amidst the transition towards net zero, Hypex is committed to supporting CAI members. The solutions we offer  allow customers to maintain and work with existing  infrastructures such as Coax and Ethernet cables embedded deep within buildings and allow CAI members to deliver high-speed Broadband ,IPTV  & RF services via these existing cables. This approach obviates the need for costly and environmentally burdensome replacements and puts the CAI members in a unique position  at the heart of the Green revolution.

See some of our solutions :

Lynx Broadband
Delivering TV over ethernet
cables using passive baluns.



Axing EoC
Delivering Fast Broadband
over your existing coax and
multiswitch infrastructure for
up to 32 apartments or peer to peer for small households.


Delivering Hi Speed
Broadband over Coax for the
larger Campus sites, caravan
parks or hospitality solutions


Teleste CX3
Probably the best known
distribution Amplifier for all
MATV,CATV and Docsis
applications .


Wisi Tangram
The Wisi Tangram headend is
flexing its versatility being bothat home in Broadcast as well as  hospitality environments, offering RF and streaming outputs.


Wisi Tangram Headend

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