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CYP HDMI 2.1 Ultra High Speed Certified 8K Cable

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Elevate your HDMI experience with the CYP RE-101-4K22! Extend UHD 4K, HDMI 2.2 signals by an extra 5m and enjoy tailored EDIDs. Choose between three EDIDs (Internal, External, User) and customize with optional PC software. A handy toggle switch and LED indicators make switching and monitoring effortless.

Elevate Your Home Entertainment Experience

Discover how the CYP RE-101-4K22 switch enhances your viewing pleasure with seamless 2-way switching and picture-in-picture capabilities.

Unleash 4K Brilliance: CYP RE-101-4K22 HDMI Extender Boosts Your Viewing Experience!

Elevate your HDMI game with the CYP RE-101-4K22! Extend UHD 4K signals by an extra 5m, choose tailored EDIDs, and enjoy seamless switching with user-friendly features.

Future-Ready HDMI Extension: CYP RE-101-4K22 Takes Your 4K UHD Signals Further!

Experience the next level of visual excellence! Extend UHD 4K, HDMI 2.2 signals effortlessly with CYP RE-101-4K22, featuring customizable EDIDs and intuitive switching capabilities.

Maximize 4K Enjoyment: CYP RE-101-4K22 HDMI Extender for Ultimate Signal Extension

Extend your 4K UHD HDMI signals with precision using CYP RE-101-4K22. Tailor your EDIDs, switch seamlessly, and amplify your visual experience with ease.

Enhance Your HDMI Reach: CYP RE-101-4K22 Extender for Unmatched 4K Clarity

Step into a new dimension of 4K clarity! CYP RE-101-4K22 extends HDMI signals, offering tailored EDIDs and hassle-free switching, transforming your viewing experience.

Seamless 4K Extension: CYP RE-101-4K22 HDMI Extender Unlocks a World of Possibilities

Dive into the world of 4K excellence with CYP RE-101-4K22. Extend HDMI signals effortlessly, tailor your EDIDs, and enjoy smooth switching for an unmatched viewing adventure.

Watch our Product in Action

View our YouTube video to see CYP RE-101-4K22 HDMI in action and understand why they’re the ultimate choice for gaming and beyond 4K entertainment systems.

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Post Created date : November 12, 2023