Enhanced Protection for Electric Vehicles: Battle Braid® and Flex Glass FR

Enhanced Protection for Electric Vehicles: Battle Braid® and Flex Glass FR

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For electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, ensuring the safety and durability of vehicles is paramount. With the rise in EV adoption, a growing need exists for advanced protective solutions tailored to the unique challenges these vehicles face.

Battle Braid®: Unmatched Cut-Resistant Protection for EVs

For electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, the importance of safeguarding wire and cable assemblies cannot be overstated. Battle Braid® (BBN) offers superior protection with its robust, cut-resistant sleeve designed to shield against severe impacts and punctures. Made from durable polyester, Battle Braid® absorbs and dissipates energy, providing unmatched crush and abrasion resistance. Its bright orange color not only serves as a protective measure but also ensures power cable identification, crucial for emergency crews in the event of a crash. This flexible, lightweight sleeve is also ideal for protecting brake lines from flying debris, making it indispensable for both EVs and heavy-duty vehicles in industrial and military settings.


Flex Glass FR: Compact EV Flame Retardant Solution

As electric vehicles become more compact and powerful, the need for efficient protective solutions in tight spaces grows. Flex Glass FR (SF) meets this demand with its flame-retardant silicone-coated fiberglass sleeving. Designed to handle up to 7,000 volts, this highly flexible sleeve ensures safe and efficient performance in confined areas. Perfect for the evolving needs of modern EVs, Flex Glass FR offers superior flame resistance and protection in a compact form, making it an essential component for next-generation electric vehicles.

As the electric vehicle industry continues to grow and innovate, protective solutions like Battle Braid® and Flex Glass FR will play an essential role in ensuring the safety and longevity of these vehicles.

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