How to create a circular RF & broadband industry and get to grips with a new way to recycle broadband  RF networks.

The recycle/green journey begins with an initial review of the existing network and cabling. The first step is triage where Hypex engineers identify potentially salvageable components inclusive of cable connectivity. So often a “rip and replace” mentality exists but a triage can overcome such a mindset. Once components and infrastructure has been triaged, Hypex identifies reusable components with barcodes/QR detailing components to keep and cabling where relevant. Any other components are put to one side and cleaned either on-site or at the Hypex lab. Any reusable parts are labelled and put on sale with a Hypex “certified recycle” guarantee while maintaining a record of provenance.

Any profit after taking labour into account is partially redeemed to the customer or a selected charity. The potential exists to save big on RF & broadband networks not only in terms of greener but up to 70% cheaper than a “rip and replace” network using fibre. This is the future of greener broadband networks “better, faster and cheaper”. Ultimate goal is to reuse or recycle existing networks in entirety.

Hypex is a leading technology provider to the RF & broadband industry, delivering fully integrated projects, products, and services.

We are the broadband architects. As a global leader in the broadband industry, Hypex delivers innovative technologies, systems, and services to meet the world’s broadband needs now and in the future. Hypex is leveraging deep knowledge in the RF & broadband industry to support the circular economy and net zero transition. Our strategy focuses on three pillars built on our existing competencies: legacy infrastructure expansion with RF, broadband over Coax & Ethernet, next-generation carrier grade broadband technologies, and end to end infrastructure solutions.

Building for the future understand the heritage. A RF & broadband infrastructure is an essential need but a new RF & broadband infrastructure can be expensive, generate large amounts of carbon and often doesn’t reflect what we need into the future.

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The Broadband Architects

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Hypex are the broadband architects known for an ability to execute and integrate complex systems and projects. This includes enterprises, campuses, hotels, recreation parks, museums and historical buildings. Hypex is bringing expertise to help deliver the world’s broadband with RF while strengthening the circular economy. The Hypex expertise, collaborative and innovative mindset, key RF & broadband technologies empower Hypex to be a key enabler of the transition to broadband anywhere in a circular economy. This includes broadband delivery in a world of wireless direct to cloud and low earth orbit satellites (LEOs).