Green Tech Broadband Solution

Hypex Green Tech Broadband Solution In today’s fast-paced digital world, the demand for seamless and efficient broadband networks has never been higher. As the global energy transition gathers momentum, the need for sustainable solutions becomes imperative. Hypex, the Broadband Video Architects, is at the forefront of this transformative journey, envisioning circular broadband networks as the […]

Introducing the CYP RE-EDID Manager: Simplify HDMI/DVI EDID Adjustment and Enhance Video/Audio Compatibility

At Hypex, we are thrilled to introduce the CYP RE-EDID Manager, a powerful device designed to streamline the adjustment and manipulation of HDMI/DVI EDID information. This innovative solution aims to simplify video/audio system integration, home theatre installation, and equipment testing, offering users the ability to ensure accurate video/audio signal output with ease. The CYP RE-EDID […]

Introducing Flexo F6: The Ultimate Solution for Easy Wire and Cable Installation

At Hypex, we are excited to present our latest innovation, F6 – the perfect solution for situations where ease of installation is of primary importance. With its unique split, semi-rigid braided construction, F6 offers unparalleled convenience and versatility in wire and cable management. The lateral split of F6 allows the tube to open up and […]

Hypex Ltd.

Hypex is a major distributor of the world’s best in class Broadband distribution equipment for CATV, direct broadcast satellite & terrestrial digital TV. Founded in 1979 Hypex has built an enviable reputation in terms of performance, reliability and service with a strategic market focus to offer total solutions from its global partners, offering emerging technologies […]