Silence the Buzz with Flexo Noise Reduction Sleeving!

Harness the power of Flexo’s innovative Noise Reduction sleeving, expertly crafted by intertwining both monofilament and multifilament PET yarns. This design not only ensures a fully expandable covering for your wires, tubes, and hoses but also delivers a significant decrease in noise interference.

Illuminate Your Biking Journey: Flexo Reflex High-Intensity Reflective Sleeving

Flexo Reflex isn’t just about protection; it’s about visibility that can truly make a difference. Crafted from a blend of polyethylene terephthalate and 3M Scotchlite retroreflective monofilament, this unique sleeving ensures not just top-notch wire and cable protection but also delivers a brilliant 360-degree reflectivity.

Revolutionizing Car Wash & Beverage Dispensing Systems: Techflex CleanLine™ Tubing!

Step into the future of efficient tubing. Experience CleanLine™. Taste the purity, witness the resilience. Ever dreamt of a tubing system capable of enhancing both your car wash setup and beverage dispensing systems? CleanLine™, the ultimate in advanced polyethylene tubing technology. Applications include (but not limited to) Carwashes, Beverage Dispensing, Fresh water systems, Pneumatic Controlled Machinery and Color coded liquid/gas supply lines.

Business Model for WISI with a streaming service

The business model for streaming using WISI’s Chameleon, Tangram, and Inca platforms is based on their support for low-latency video streaming with SRT, which enables secure and reliable transmission of video streams over the internet. These platforms allow for sending streams securely and reliably over the internet to remote headend sites or hospitality, replacing expensive satellite distribution deployments to reduce costs.