Business Model for WISI with a streaming service

Business Model for WISI with a streaming service

WISI's Streaming Revolution: Business Model Unveiled

Low-Latency Excellence with SRT Support

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Cost-Effective Alternatives: Replacing Satellite Distribution

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The business model for streaming using WISI’s Chameleon, Tangram, and Inca platforms is based on their support for low-latency video streaming with SRT, which enables secure and reliable transmission of video streams over the internet. These platforms allow for sending streams securely and reliably over the internet to remote headend sites or hospitality, replacing expensive satellite distribution deployments to reduce costs.

Revolutionary Low-Latency Streaming Technology:

Experience groundbreaking low-latency video streaming with WISI’s Chameleon, Tangram, and Inca platforms. Enjoy real-time content delivery, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

Cost-Efficient Alternative to Satellite Distribution:

Say goodbye to expensive satellite distribution deployments. WISI’s platforms enable secure and reliable internet streaming, reducing costs significantly compared to traditional distribution methods.

Seamless SRT Transmission Modes:

Benefit from versatile streaming options with support for all SRT transmission modes—caller, listener, or rendezvous. Choose the mode that suits your specific streaming needs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Superior Bandwidth Management:

Optimize bandwidth usage with WISI’s platforms by replacing RTP+FEC. Enjoy improved overhead bandwidth efficiency, leading to enhanced streaming performance without compromising quality.

Ironclad Security Features:

Ensure the safety of your content with robust encryption and decryption options. WISI’s platforms provide secure transmission, protecting your streams from unauthorized access and ensuring data integrity.

Enhanced Scalability for Remote Headend Sites:

Expand your streaming reach effortlessly with WISI’s scalable solutions. Transmit streams securely and reliably to remote headend sites, enabling seamless growth and adaptability to changing business demands.

User-Friendly Encryption Protocols:

Customize your security measures with support for various encryption and decryption protocols. WISI’s platforms empower you to choose the encryption methods that align with your specific security requirements.

High-Quality Streaming with Guaranteed Reliability:

Deliver top-notch streaming experiences with WISI’s platforms. Enjoy the assurance of reliable transmission, high-quality video, and a seamless streaming environment that captivates your audience.

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Post Created date : January 22, 2024